Rob Evans: "Hopes & Fears of Today's Independent School Parents"

Please join us Thursday, February 2, for a presentation based on Dr. Rob Evans, Ed.D's new book, Hopes and Fears: Working with Today's Independent School Parents

There is no harder job than being a parent. Nothing else touches so much of a person so deeply — or so unpredictably — and there is no training for it. This was true pre-COVID, as the pace of life accelerated, media influences intensified, and the future grew less predictable. So it’s no wonder parents now find it harder to be confident, harder to know how to reduce their children’s stress — and their own. Dr. Evans will outline these dilemmas and offer concrete suggestions for successful coping.

Evans is a psychologist and school consultant. A former teacher and former child and family therapist, he has consulted in more than 1,700 schools, including John Burroughs School, and is the author of many articles and four books. His presentations are known for the lively wit and plain talk. 

Thursday, February 2
6-7 pm
In Haertter Hall