Parents Council

JBS parents and guardians are automatically members of the Parents Council, which fosters involvement and communication within the parent body and with the school. Parents are a visible presence on campus, and parents who wish to be actively involved have many options.The Parents Council provides a variety of services, sponsors student, parent and community events and raises funds for the benefit of the students, faculty and administration. The Council functions through a board comprised of an executive committee, nominating chair, standing committees, and grade chairs.
In addition to organizing the fundraisers, the Parents Council promotes a sense of community among our parents, supports our students and faculty and serves the greater community. Parents provide services to the school, such as volunteering in the bookstore or the library; they plan programming for parents; they dedicate countless hours to the execution of three major fundraising events; and they plan activities for students. The extent of their volunteer commitment can be as much or as little as fits into their schedules. Check out the possibilities...and perhaps sign up!   


Parents Council Board members gathered together Haertter Hall Commons, in front of the fireplace

2019-2020 Parents Council pictured above 

2020-2021 Parents Council Board

President Kellie Hynes
Vice President Robyn Huhn
Secretary Dee Stokes
Treasurer Ben Park
Annual Dinner & Auction Jessica Shuff
Alison Sheehan
Blue & Gold Dance Linda Roby
Creshuna Cade
Bookstore Christina Clarke
Lisa Christenson
Family Network Kristin Scully
Sujani Narayan
Hospitality Kristen Brouillet
Jessica Conway
Library Kelly Edwards
Jessica del Pilar
Lost & Found Sharon Brison
Mary Tricamo-Park
Nominating Heather Strahorn
Potpourri Stephanie DePlanty
Melissa Kantrovitz
The Producers Pia Koster
Lisa Tuteur
Seniors & Seniors' Parents Party Amy Barnett
Jen Teasdale
Summer Opportunities Fair Maggie Desai
Unique Boutique Beth Herbster
Ann Dillon
7th Grade Co-Chairs Punita & Mayank Patel
Lisa & Chris Schoenecker
8th Grade Co-Chairs Stacey & Don Breckenridge
Lisa & Michael Small
9th Grade Co-Chairs Helen & Matt Parsons
Stephanie & Mark Schnuck
10th Grade Co-Chairs Patty & Chris Dahl
Heather & Chris Thompson
11th Grade Co-Chairs

Sarah & Andy Cummings
Daryl & Rob Huitt                                      Rachel & Pat Wilkins

12th Grade Co-Chairs Susan & Bob Jones
Jan & Scott Luhmann
Kathy & Rob Wunderlich
13th Grade Co-Chairs

Anne Bishop
Susie Hizar