Lt. Roz Schulte '02 Field Dedicated

On Saturday, October 2, the school dedicated Lt. Roz Schulte '02 Field during halftime of the girls varsity field hockey game. As Mr. Abbott noted in his remarks, the field was widened and re-turfed a year ago, but the dedication was delayed until it was safe to host a live event and gather parents, alums and students to celebrate.

Roz was a lieutenant and intelligence officer with the Air Force when she was killed by a roadside bomb near Kabul in May 2009.  She was a standout member of the JBS community, the Air Force Academy and the U.S. Air Force, and was awarded the National Intelligence Medal for Valor posthumously.

The now-renamed field hockey field was initially the result of a gift from a past parent and was dedicated to our female athletes when it first opened for play in 2007. As Mr. Abbott noted, Roz participated in many sports, including field hockey, swimming and lacrosse, excelling at all of them.

In that spirit, the school paid tribute to JBS Women in Coaching, honoring female coaches who have inspired JBS athletes (including Roz) for 20+ years: Beth Kinsella, Ellen Port, Margaret Altvater Clark '73, Susie Greditzer, Skippy Keefer, Claudia Decker Dougherty, Leslie Kehr and Chris Bugnitz.

"We hope every student-athlete who steps on this field will understand that when you step on this field, you do not do so lightly," Mr. Abbott said, "but hold in your heart reverence for an amazing woman who represented our country in the most noble way; for her amazing family, who inspires us with their courage and their kindness; for these amazing women coaches who devoted their lives to young people; and for this wonderful community that we are all very blessed to be a part of." 

Two week earlier, during Spirit (Blue & Gold) Week, Roz was remembered during a student assembly. Soon after her death, the Roz Schulte Spirit Fund was established at Burroughs to support the spirit that so defined her. Among other things, the fund underwrites production of a special Spirit Week T-shirt designed by the senior class for the entire student body. 

And every Spirit Week, Mr. Abbott talks about the kind of student Roz was and the model of leadership she represented at Burroughs and beyond. This year, he invited three of Roz’s JBS classmates (who are also JBS faculty) to talk about the kind of friend Roz was. 

Knowing her since kindergarten, Mr. Salomon (Math) said, “Roz was someone…who was always safe to talk to…. Everyone was her friend.” Mrs. Ward (Science), a friend since third grade, said Roz was a source of unconditional friendship. Coach Foster (PE/Athletics) also knew Roz since childhood and shared what she called Roz’s “three rules” of sports and life: be brave and try something new; play hard, play with honor, and play with fun; and lead by example. “Roz was by far the best lacrosse player in the area but she understood that the good of the team, and the sport, came first.” All three urged students to try to find this kind of friend—and to be this kind of friend.