In the Bonsack: Allison Roberts

Photography and video work by faculty member Allison Roberts (Fine Arts) is on display in the Bonsack Gallery. The exhibit, titled Ask Her What Doesn't Change, features a new series of photographs and two videos exhibited together for the first time. 

The Artifact series features photographs of wrapped, hollow paper shells and formal portraits of domestic objects. The Indicant series was created by projecting and abstracting simple, directional signs into impenetrable, dense woods at night, a metaphor for how the unease or difficulty of finding one's way forward is illuminated. The video piece Past Perfect, Future Perfect focuses on the search for grounding and rest, and Naming, Not Knowing is a performative work that speaks to the effort resilience requires. 

Ask Her What Doesn't Change is scheduled to remain on view until May, and will be followed by the annual Student Intensive exhibit.