Discussing the 2020 Election—Respectfully

Beginning in mid-October, morning assemblies were often devoted to information about the 2020 elections and how we could best approach them as a thoughtful community.

Mr. Abbott launched the community conversations, noting the prevalence of political attack ads. He said those ads would likely intensify, and the conversation would likely remain tense past the election. He urged everyone to be mindful about how we think and talk about politics with one another. 

Other presenters included

  • Seniors Josh Antony, Thomas Dobbs and Ziyaad Raza who spoke about values to keep in mind during the election season: equality between citizens, courtesy, civility and respect.
  • Mark Smith (History) who spoke about the United States' current political polarization, and why it persists.
  • Senior Rahul Jasti who explained how the Electoral College works.
  • Seniors Katie Holekamp and Isa Rosario-Blake who talked about what happens when party majorities shift in Congress.
  • Aaron Dowdall (History) who spoke on election day about what might happen if the results of the general election are contested. 

Recordings of their presentations follow: