Praxis Week 2024

Praxis Week 2024

Designed and coordinated by STEM liaison Martha Keeley (Science), Praxis Week happens every June and offers upper-school students opportunities to connect with professionals across a variety of STEM fields. 

  • A visit from Pfizer, where students performed a microbiology lab and learned about modern uses of antibodies. Students also reviewed some key concepts in biology with Kate Ward '02 (Science).
  • A Zoom call with young alums in the early stages of their STEM-related careers, including: Gabrielle Moore '20 (chemical engineering), Cary Smith '19 (aerospace engineering), and Sahil Lele '14 and Elena Stettin '15 (software engineering).
  • A trip to the Danforth Plant Science Center in Creve Coeur, where students toured labs and learned more about biotechnology and data science in modern agriculture. 
  • A Q&A with Tania Seger, CEO of Plastomics, an ag biotech startup.
  • A discussion about biomedical engineering, technical sales, and manufacturing with neurosurgeon Victor Williams '89 at Zavation, a medical device company focused on innovative spinal solutions.
  • A morning at Washington University in St. Louis' department of electrical and systems engineering, followed by a trip to Cortex. There, students met with JBS parent Matthew MacEwan, PhD, (Ava '28, Felicity '30), who spoke about Acera Surgery, a local a bioscience company developing and commercializing a portfolio of fully engineered materials for regenerative medicine. Students also participated in an entrepreneurship simulation.

  • A tour of a construction site on WashU's medical school campus, led by architects with the Lawrence Group.

  • A trip to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, where students learned about careers in economics and data science.

  • A visit to WashU's department of chemical, energy, and environmental engineering, where students were exposed to an inspiring range of research activities related to sustainability.

  • An afternoon at Saint Louis University's Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, where students explored applications of physics and mechanical engineering for flight.


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