Daily Assembly Announcements

*Girls Varsity Soccer
: the team competes against Lutheran at 10 am tomorrow at home for the state quarterfinals. The theme is “attendance.”

Field Day
Congress kicked off Field Day with the video “The Milk Bachelor,” followed by a performance by the Dance Squad on the Haertter Hall stage. Happy Field Day!

Senior Assembly
Kris Samuels Holmes ’78 congratulated the seniors and welcomed them into the JBS Alumni Association. Katie Xu, senior class president, thanked the faculty and staff for their additional support during the pandemic, both on campus and online, and thanked parents for their support of the Class of 2021. Katie looked back on the last school year, noting how she and her classmates had to stay flexible and resilient as they navigated this unprecedented year. The faculty speaker, Mr. Chen, who began at Burroughs when the seniors were 8th graders, reflected on his learning curve as a young teacher. He remembers that even though he felt fear before his first day at school, it didn’t mean he wasn’t ready to teach. He encouraged students to embrace those “scary moments,” and remember that just because you feel afraid, it doesn’t mean you’re not ready to leap into that challenge. He also encouraged them to embrace joy—specifically by doing things that are an end in themselves, like playing pick-up basketball games, tending a cactus garden or playing an instrument just for your own enjoyment. Mr. Abbott closed out with memories of the class of 2021, both his own and those of other faculty.

After remarks, the seniors and their parents gathered for a short reception. 

Katie’s remarks and photos will be posted on “News” and  “Campus Candids” later today.

*Asian Culture Club
: The names were drawn for the raffle for $25 gift cards to local Asian restaurants. The winners are Mr. Chen, Sera Salem ’22, Ella Lazaroff ’25 and Miko Kim ’25. Winners will receive an email later today about picking up their prizes.
*Math Club: The last meeting of the year is at 4 pm on Saturday, May 29. It will be the club’s biannual Kahoot competition. Find the Zoom link on Canvas.
*Senior Assembly/Field Day: Tomorrow, seniors and their parents will gather under the big tent in the Quad. Friday is Field Day, so today is our last regular assembly of the year.
*St. Louis Young Women’s Conference: This year’s conference, which will be held via Zoom, is on June 12. Scan the QR code on the flyers around campus for to sign up.

Music Wednesday
The Disestablishment (Lucas Bernstein ’21, Shayfer Huitt ’22 and Phoebe Martyn ’22) played an original song, “Worth It,” for the year’s last music assembly. See “Campus Candids” later today.

Plant Ops Appreciation
Mr. Abbott gave a shout-out to Plant Ops, who have been on campus every day throughout the pandemic. Last spring during lockdown, they gathered items from lockers so students could pick them up safely; spent the summer moving furniture out of the Commons; set up classrooms for social distancing; regularly raised and lowered tents in the Quad; increased disinfection of restrooms and classrooms; set up COVID screening stations every day; set up and took down 200 folding chairs for 170 days for lunch, and more. They did all this while attending to their regular duties, including maintaining the buildings, fields and landscaping and arriving before dawn to clear snow. 

*AIM High
: The supply drive has started. Drop off unused pens, pencils, binders and notebooks in the boxes at the Clayton Road entrance. Applications for TA positions close on Tuesday, June 1.
*Field Day: Student Body President Andy Zhang ’22 announced the Field Day teams, which are themed around “different kinds of milk”: Two Percent, Almond, Canned, Frozen, Future, Goat, Skim, Soy and Whole.
*Girls Varsity Lacrosse: The team is playing in the state quarterfinals at 5 pm at home. Masked and socially distanced fans wanted. The theme is “western.”
*Guild of Geeks: The club is looking for leaders for D&D and board games. Applications will open in the fall, or you can reach out to Lauren Inazu ’25 or Rafe Rosario-Blake ’26.
*Montgomery Plan: Mrs. Rathert presented an end-of-year slideshow. With accommodations, the club was able to engage in all of its traditional events this year, including the Chouteau Island Cleanup, 8th Grade Service Week, Old Newsboys Day, the Holiday Food Drive, MLK Day of Service, Danna Drive, 9th Grade Service Day, Spring Break Service, Empty Bowls and Sunday Fundays.
*Sunrise JBS: Club leaders spoke about how to reach out to politicians and bank CEOs about Pipeline 3, which would transport tar sands from Canada to the U.S., crossing vulnerable ecological areas and the treaty territory of Anishinaabe people. The website stoppipeline3.org includes background information on the pipeline, including how it would contribute to climate change; petitions; contact information for emails and phone calls; and scripts for speaking with elected officials or business leaders.
*TED Club: The club’s final meeting is tomorrow at 8 am via Zoom. Guest speaker Joe Peng will discuss meditation and mental health. Find the Zoom link on the Student Government page or reach out to Ria Mirchandani ’22.
*Virtual Cabaret: This year’s musical production will be a screening of a virtual cabaret featuring music and choreography from the canon of musical theatre. Over the past two months, 30 performers, 10 camera operators, lighting and sound engineers and film editors have been working to create the production. It will be screened this Saturday, May 29 in Haertter Hall. The first screening at 6 pm is for the cast and crew, their families and their guests. The following screening at 7:30 pm is for all other interested students. No tickets will be provided, so audiences are encouraged to come early to find a seat, as social distancing will be practiced. A Vimeo link will be shared with the community after the screening.

Kudos to…
the chess team, which won the central conference of the Gateway Chess League, and made it to the finals in the playoffs!

*Asian Culture Club
: To help local Asian businesses hurt by COVID lockdowns and negative stereotypes during the pandemic, and in honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander heritage month, the club is holding a raffle (in lieu of its annual dinner) for four $25 gift cards to local Asian restaurants, including Mai Lee and Saigon, which serve food from Vietnam, this year’s featured country. Tickets are 1/$2, 7/$7 and 15/$10. A portion of the funds will go to Stop AAPI Hate and the rest will go towards next year’s dinner. Ms. Grantham will resend the raffle link today. The winners will be drawn next Wednesday, May 26.
*Current Events Club: New club leaders Ethan Jick ’22, Graham Sagel ’23 and Cori Spetnagel ’22 introduced themselves. The club will meet tomorrow at 8 am in Dr. Smith’s room.
*End-of-year Events: The big tent going up in the Quad will accommodate several end-of-year events. On Thursday morning, seniors and their parents will gather under the tent for the Senior Assembly.

Back to “Normal”
Mr. Abbott went over some of the changes we hope to see at the start of the next school year. This information was shared with JBS families in the 5.21.21 Friday Bulletin.