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Daily Assembly Announcements

This is the last assembly of the 2019-2020 school year. We hope the first assembly of the next school year will be IN Haertter Hall, but stay tuned. We’ll keep everyone updated over the summer—plans will incorporate not only everything we all know and love about Burroughs, but also every safety measure available to us.

We look forward to seeing everyone on May 31 as we support the Class of 2020 when they receive their diplomas. Look for an email with full details soon. Yearbooks, musical instruments and items from lockers are available for pickup today and early next week.

*Field Day: Today is virtual Field Day. The Friday Kahoot! schedule for class-level games is as follows: juniors, 11:15; 7th and 8th graders, noon; sophomores, 1 pm; freshmen, 3 pm; and between 1 and 3 for seniors. Everyone will gather at 4 pm for a final, school-wide Kahoot! featuring teacher trivia. Look for an email from Ms. Grantham with links to class games. The link to the school-wide game will be posted on the school government Canvas page.
*Supporting Frontline Workers: Here is the link to the GoFundMe page for Make the Day Brighter For Frontline Fighters.

Yearbook Assembly
This year’s yearbook theme was new beginnings and moving into the future. The Class of 2020 dedicated their yearbook to Susie Wilson (who received her dedication on stage in December before she retired), with remarks delivered by Dylan Fox and Maya Kaslow. Recognitions were also given to Maria Cohen (Spanish), chosen by the 11th and 12th grades, with remarks given by Kendall Allen ’21; Maggie Doyle Ervin (English), chosen by the 9th and 10th grades, with remarks given by Lucy Von Rohr ’23; and Julie Harris (Math/former 7th and 8th grade principal/assistant head of school), chosen by the 7th and 8th graders, who received her yearbook dedication on stage in March before she headed to her new role at The Biome School. Dalton Harrold ’25 delivered remarks, with a final goodbye from Libby Hizar ’20. More goodbyes were given to departing faculty members Susie Lim (Science), by Simeon Williams ’21; Chris Lubniewksi (Science, ITE), by Koan Morris ’21 and Andrew Wang ’21; Nicole Whiteford (Math/Computer Science), by Nora Woodruff ’24; and Linda Mercer (Library), by Adina Cazacu-De Luca ’20. The Governor staff also recognized yearbook faculty sponsors Mike Gesiakowski (Fine Arts) and Sorsha Maness (Library).

Yearbooks have arrived! Juniors and seniors can pick one up tomorrow. Everyone else can pick up theirs next Tuesday and Wednesday—more details coming soon. Senior assembly was held yesterday—watch the video here. Congrats to the Class of 2020!

*Congress: Field Day was scheduled for tomorrow, but since it’s not possible to have it in person this year, Congress has come up with an alternative: a series of Kahoot! trivia games. First will be an all-grades event where students will guess fun facts using baby photos of classmates. If you haven’t filled out the form, get in touch with your class officer so you can do so. You’ll also receive an invite to play Kahoot! with your whole class. That will be followed by a school-wide Kahoot! featuring fun facts and baby photos of teachers. Because the entire student body won’t fit in one Zoom session, the top three winners from each grade will participate, and everyone else will watch. The Zoom link, with specific times, will be sent out tomorrow.
*Food for Healthcare Workers: Riley King ’21 and Madeline Dornfeld ’21 have started a fundraiser to get food to healthcare workers in the metro area by running 26 miles in 26 hours. Find details on the Student Congress Instagram page, or reach out to them for more information.
*Montgomery Plan: Mrs. Rathert shared photos of SuperHero Sunday and thanked all the volunteers who came out—that event gathered 10,000 pounds, or 5 tons of food! For those looking for volunteer opportunities over the summer, go to the Getting Involved section of the Distance Learning pages. 
*Supporting Frontline Workers: Sarah Ding ’25 has created a charity, Make the Day Brighter for Frontline Fighters. Send photos or videos of new hobbies you’ve picked up—singing, music, drawings, food photography—and they’ll all be posted to an Instagram account linked to a GoFundMe, which will provide funds so that a restaurant owned by a member of the JBS community can make food for local fire stations and police stations.
*STL Charity Events: Alina Tekwani '22 has started an Instagram account, @stlcharities, which lists service opportunities, including charity events and ways to give back.

Music Thursday
Kendall Allen ’21 and Dev Nayak ’21 performed “Talking to the Moon.”

Senior Reflections
Seniors have been asked to reflect on their experience at Burroughs and share them with the broader community via assembly. Lola Fernandez reflected on her six-year journey with the class of 2020, from the big moments (two soccer championships, prom, moving from the nosebleeds to the stage and throwing torches during Spirit Week) to the little ones (chilling in the Commons, playing four-square after lunch on nice days).

Grades 7, 8, 9 and 10 will meet in advisory during the Common Period for your final advisory of the year. Juniors are taking the AP English exam today—look for a note from the College Counseling team for a virtual advisory later today. Seniors will have a Zoom meeting at 3 pm for Senior Assembly. That will be  broadcast tomorrow morning to the rest of the student body, and then on Friday, we’ll hold a virtual Yearbook Assembly. Thanks to the Light & Sound crew, who brought assembly to us all year long!

*Classics Club: Mr. Barnes Zoomed in from “Venice” to talk about the Latin word of the day: quarantine. In 1374, when the plague was ravaging Europe, the Venetians required visiting ships to anchor for 40 days before the crew could disembark, a time period they dubbed “quarantino”—derived from quadraginta, Latin for the number 40.
*Mock Trial Team: This year, Eric Sauter ’21 and Graham Brown ’21 founded the Mock Trial Team at Burroughs, and they are looking to have more teams compete during the upcoming school year. Participants receive a “case file” and prepare a legal case for both sides, then argue both in a mock court against other students from around the area. Students who enjoy theatre and debate should think about participating. Email Eric, Graham or Mr. Lewis for more information. 
*Summer Reading Lists: Summer reading lists are now available from English teachers, and it’s never too soon to start on them. The lists are also posted on the Principals’ Pages and the Library pages. Ask your English teacher if you have any questions.
*The Disestablishments: The band (which has performed a few times in assembly) is releasing a record, On the Horizon, to music streaming platforms on May 22.

Music Wednesday
Julius Hollander-Bodie ‘22 performed an instrumental piece on the flute and Callie Kaplan ’22 performed “Say Something” by A Great Big World.

Senior Reflections
Seniors have been asked to reflect on their experience at Burroughs and share them with the broader community via assembly. Ann Zhang talked about how she moved from a mindset of investing in the future and working all of the time to loosening up a little, hanging out with friends and having fun—with no regrets! Adina Cazacu-De Luca talked about her last day physically on campus for the marathon reading for The Review—a several-hours-long meetup that included snacks, laughter and lots of writing and art. She says she’s lucky to say her favorite day of high school was her last one.



No announcements

A (Virtual) Spring Concert
JBS Voices, with additional arrangements by Taylor Pietz, performed “Ain’t Got Far to Go,” by Jess Glynne. The singers were Kendall Allen ’21, Estelle Ballet ’23, Olivia Ballet ’23, Allie Dornfeld ’23, Udonne Eke-Okoro ’21, Ella Galvin ’22, Callie Kaplan ‘22, Leyla Fern King ‘21, Milah Padda ‘22, Audrey Pinson ‘22, Abby Philpott ‘21, Emi Pope ‘21 (soloist), Uma Rayani ’23 (soloist), Annabel Thompson ’23, Grace Turza ’23, Tracy Xue ’21 and Maisie Zipfel ’23. In a separate video, Ms. Pietz explained how, using audio and video editing software—with a touch of Photoshop—she was able to assemble an impressive virtual choir performance out of a number of solo a capella performances. Later this week, we will post the performance (it's being updated).

We hope to have a more traditional graduation ceremony on Sunday, August 9, but all of the seniors will receive their diploma on Sunday, May 31. They’ll gather in their cars, parade through campus, and Mr. Abbott will hand them their diploma through their car windows. The entire community is invited to attend by standing alongside the roads—8 to 10 feet apart—and help them celebrate the day.

*Classics Club: The word of the day is “defenestration,” or the act of throwing someone out a window. De means “down from,” and “fenestra” means window or opening.

Senior Reflections
Seniors have been asked to reflect on their experience at Burroughs and share them with the broader community via assembly. Chris Perez sported a JBS jersey­—in the shower!—and explained how by being himself, he was able to make the most of his time at Burroughs because it allowed him to try everything and to follow his natural interests.