"Spoon River Anthology"

"Spoon River Anthology"

Seventh and 8th graders staged a production of Spoon River Anthology, an adaption by Charles Aidman based on the 1915 collection of poems by Edgar Lee Masters. The play unveils the lives of deceased residents in a small town, Spoon River, through a series of poetic monologues spoken from their graves/

The cast featured Toni Bamimore '29, Quincy Battles '28, Finn Beard '28, Rafa del Pilar '28, Elizabeth Elzemeyer '28, Andrew Fei '29, Emma Huang '29, Connor Jenks '28, Sadie Kilbride '29, Molly Leonard '28 (vocalist), Sadhbh Leonard '28, Ava MacEwan '28 (vocalist), Neilly McMahon '29, Shayaan Merchant '29, Claire Price '28, Immy Rye '29, Beverly Ratliff '28, and Elle Smith '29, as well as instrumentalists Max Tang '28 and Roy Zhu '28.

The show was directed by John Pierson (Performing Arts), with help from assistant director Lucia del Pilar '24, production stage manager Summer Levin '24, and technical supervisors Joe Novak (Performing Arts) and Erin Knadler (Performing Arts).

  • Costume Design by Carla Landis Evans
  • Sound Board/Projections Operator: Chloe Berglund '27
  • Light Board Operator: Sid Council '25
  • Scenic Charge/Props: Erin Knadler
  • Vocal Coaching/Music tracks: Taylor Pietz
  • Carpentry, Paint, Electric, and Audio Crew: Chloe Berglund '27, Emily Bernstein '26, Sarah Brown '25, Gabi Buckels '24, Sid Council '25, Gavin Daengsurisri '25, Audrey Gray '25, Dalton Harrold '25, Cate Kiley '26, Miko Kim '25, Summer Levin '24, Elijah Riker '27, Naomi Sherman '25, Adi Veeramachaneni '27, Sabie Witt '26, and John Zarek '24.

Thanks also to Craig Williams (poster design) and The Producers, a Parents Council committee dedicated to supporting performing arts. 

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