The Performing Arts Department opened its 2023-24 season with an upper-school production Metamorphoses, a multiple award-winning production by playwright Mary Zimmerman. Metamorphoses is a re-envisioning of ancient Greek myths, set entirely in and around an on-stage swimming pool. Adapted from David R. Slavitt’s free-verse translation of The Metamorphoses of Ovid, the play’s locations, like its characters, are constantly shifting and transforming — from a swimming pool, to a wash basin, to the River Styx, to the sea. Gods and mortals alike endure love, loss, and transformation — all while immersed in a pool of water.

The cast featured Hana Banga '24, Sarah Brown '25, Owen Front '25, Teddy Hollander-Bodie '26, Miko Kim '25, Davin Rich '24, Iris Sommer '26, Will Tao '26, Meg Thorpe '25, and Nora Woodruff '24.

The show was directed by Drew Battles (Performing Arts), with help from assistant director Jayla Pruitt '26, production stage manager Theo Wolfgram '25, and technical supervisors Joe Novak (Performing Arts) and Erin Knadler (Performing Arts). Mr. Novak also designed the set, with help from assistant scenic designer Summer Levin '24. The lighting was designed by Sid Council '25 and the sound was designed by Clay Edelson '25. Carla Landis Evans and assistant Audrey Schaefer '26 designed the costumes. 

Thanks to the pool technicians Deven Shah '26 and Mitchell Smith '26, as well as the carpentry, props, paint, audio and electrics crew — Chloe Berglund '27, Gabi Buckels '24, Sid Council '25, Clay Edelson '25, Mara Kniep '26, Molly Kreitman '26, Summer Levin '24, Madison Moore '25, Gabrielle Moore '25, Deven Shah '26, Naomi Sherman '25, Mitchell Smith '26, Riva Stern '25, Iris Wang '26, Sabie Witt '26, and Morgan Wright '26. 

Thanks also to The Producers, a Parents Council committee dedicated to supporting performing arts. 

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