2020-21 Learning Plan Evolves

Effective Monday, April 12, we are inviting all students to return to campus for full-time, in-person learning. While our goal is to maximize students' time on campus, we will continue to make all decisions based on the guidance of medical professionals and the St. Louis County Department of Health. Since September, we have used a hybrid learning model in which students alternate, daily, between attending classes on campus and attending remotely. Beginning in late February, all seniors were invited back to full-time, on-campus learning, and after spring break, other grades began to return as well.

We will maintain all of our safety protocols (masking, social distancing, etc.) which have been extremely effective—we have had no confirmed transmission on campus.

In order to maintain distancing during class, students will periodically Zoom into class from nearby locations on campus. Even so, students who opt for full-time, in-person learning will be able to be in their classrooms more often than under the hybrid system. No less importantly, they will benefit from time on campus with their entire grade level, something they have sorely missed.

Our teachers and students continue to demonstrate amazing flexibility, resilience and resourcefulness. They are partnering successfully, listening to one another, making adjustments, and focusing their energy on the work at hand. It is heartening to see what can happen when curious and capable students join forces with motivated and experienced faculty, all supported by concerned and caring families.

To me, what is most important is that students are deeply engaged in their learning, creating community with their classmates and building trust with their teachers. It goes without saying that content remains central to our program. Since the outset, we have played the long game and focused on nurturing the relationships so essential to a meaningful and successful year for our students.

At Burroughs, we have among the most creative teachers in the country and among the most enthusiastic students. 

Andy Abbott
Head of School
April 2021