Endowment & Special Gifts

The Burroughs endowment was established in the 1970s. Investment income from endowment is the largest source of school revenue after tuition and Annual Giving. Devoted and generous alumni, parents and friends have established endowed funds to provide permanent income to Burroughs. These donors sustain the Burroughs experience through gifts that last forever. Under professional management, these funds support immediate and long-term goals. As of May 31, 2020 the market value of the school's endowment and other managed funds was $55.4 million.

A gift of endowment ensures that Burroughs has the resources required for a second century of service and learning. As we prepare for the school’s Centennial in 2023, one of our major strategic goals is to substantially grow the endowment to control tuition, support scholarship, support key programs, and to ensure staff salaries are competitive. As a donor of endowed funds, you:

  • Provide a permanent place for your extended family to direct their gifts to Burroughs.
  • Celebrate your family, a loved one or a favorite faculty member by naming your fund.
  • Secure permanent funding for Burroughs because the principal of your endowed fund is invested and untouched in perpetuity. Your gift lasts forever.
  • Connect with the beneficiaries of your generosity through personalized reports that will give you the satisfaction of knowing how your funds impact the school.

A belief in education is a belief in the future. Gifts of endowment honor the thousands of remarkable people who have taught and learned on the Burroughs campus. The curious, kind, competitive, and talented people who help one another, love one another and grow-up together.

Andy Abbott, Head of School

Advancement Team

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Special Gifts, Memorial & Tributes, Endowed Scholarships, Facilities
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Planned Giving, Alumni Reunion Giving, Drey Land
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Director of the Annual Fund
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Gift Processing, Stock Gifts,
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