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This year, life is very different, but our Day of Giving remains absolutely the same. In fact, your gift to the school matters now more than ever.It ensures that the COVID-19 crisis does not compromise our programming, faculty and staff salaries, professional development, tuition assistance for incoming families, and the quality, maintenance, and safety of our buildings and grounds. And on this year’s Day of Giving, your gift honors the 101 amazing graduates in our Class of 2020. They have persevered under the most challenging of circumstances, working through a senior spring that looks and feels dramatically different than any before. Let’s show them how much we care and that we are connected for life—no matter what.

Give to congratulate the Class of 2020 on their graduation and welcome them into our ranks. Make your gift online on June 1. Or get a head-start and make your Day of Giving gift today.

Why do you give?
Share your story of why you give back to Burroughs. An inspiring teacher, a lifelong friend, a learning experience, a success that steered you in a new direction—we all give back for different reasons and we would love to hear yours. Post your message on our giving page, through this form or on social media using #JBSLOVE2020.

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