This year, life is very different, but our Day of Giving remained absolutely the same. In fact, your gift to the school matters now more than ever.164 members of the Burroughs community gave in 24 hours to honor the 101 amazing graduates from the Class of 2020 who received their diplomas in a car parade on Sunday, May 31. They persevered under the most challenging of circumstances, worked through a senior spring that looked and felt dramatically different than any before. Our community showed them how much we care and that we are connected for life—no matter what. 

Your gift ensures that a crisis does not compromise our programming, faculty and staff salaries, professional development, tuition assistance for incoming families, and the quality, maintenance, and safety of our buildings and grounds.

Your gift keeps Burroughs innovative, nimble and prepared for an unpredictable future.

Thank you to all of our donors for your commitment to the class of 2020 and for generations of students to come.