Class of 1969

Next Generation Tree FundWe are reaching out about a class gift to Burroughs to celebrate our 50th reunion. The general response to our earlier call for suggestions indicated a collective interest in supporting a project that would be environmentally sustainable and reduce the school’s carbon footprint. With that feedback in mind, we are approaching you to consider a gift to underwrite the installation of “next generation” trees in Graduation Grove.

The urgency for this project is underscored by the fact many of the largest trees in Graduation Grove are over 100 years old. This summer, the school had to remove a prized oak from Graduation Grove because of disease. The loss of that magnificent tree prompted the administration to re-evaluate its landscaping in its entirety.

An anonymous donor underwrote the engagement of SWT Design to develop a master landscape plan inclusive of Graduation Grove. The plan includes 11 new canopy trees, nine flowering trees, six evergreen trees and 165 shrubs. The installation of at least 26 “next generation” trees will help mitigate the impact of future tree removal due to disease, age, climate change and/or severe weather.

Moving forward, Burroughs must raise the required funds to implement the plan. The total cost is estimated to be $60,000. Our class can lead the effort to improve the ecological longevity and resiliency of Graduation Grove. This is a unique appeal for your charitable support of Burroughs. We gently request that you consider this gift in addition to what you may already contribute to the Burroughs Annual Fund. Alumni support of the Annual Fund provides essential operating support, and we do not want to erode that base of funding for Burroughs.

Anyone who is interested in making a gift to plant “next generation” trees in Graduation Grove can do so by:

We hope to raise $20,000. Thanks to a small group of our classmates, we have raised $16,000 in commitments to date. Gifts of any amount are impactful, but multiples of $50 or $500 seem appropriate!

Please respond to either of us with questions, or reach out to Ginger Imster in the Advancement Office at Burroughs at (314)993-4045, ext. 256.

We appreciate your consideration, and please let us know if you have any questions. When we’ve heard from everyone, we’ll celebrate our final gift amount with you. We will then work with Ginger to install signage that celebrates our collective generosity as the Class of 1969.


Mont Levy and Jim Steiner