Burroughs graduates change the world, and our generous community helps make that possible. 

We have an incredible tradition of more than 96 years of academic and philanthropic excellence at Burroughs. When a family chooses Burroughs, their expectations are very high. The same is true when a donor chooses to give to Burroughs, or a volunteer commits his or her time to the school. Our donors and volunteers support our students who are pursuing their full potential in all school endeavors—academics, arts, athletics and activities. Each gift and every hour of volunteer time help fulfill our promise to our students to foster their academic, physical, creative and leadership potential with the finest faculty and campus we can provide.
Our donors' generosity ensures that students who can do the work can attend Burroughs regardless of their zip code or family income. When Burroughs accepts a family, the school is making a big promise and accepting an even bigger responsibility.