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Assembly & Weekly Meetings

Morning Assembly Will Continue
To keep us all connected, we will maintain our tradition of morning assembly. On Monday morning, Mr. Abbott will email an assembly message. If students or faculty have announcements, you can send them to Mr. Abbott, or to Mr. Estes as you always do. We also invite you to make videos of your announcements and send them to us so that we continue to hear and see the many voices of Burroughs. If you had a presentation planned and scheduled, we hope you go ahead with it. And the best news is that we will never run out of time because of the bell schedule!

Student leaders, affinity group leaders, club leaders, publication leaders—we are counting on you to keep those connections going online. We hope that you will schedule “meetings” and keep the extracurricular work going that has always been such a great part of the school.

Advisories Will Continue Most Wednesdays
We will reserve every Wednesday afternoon for advisory or class meetings via Zoom, just as we do on a Common Day. Advisory is a great way for us to see how students are doing and feeling, and to give students an opportunity to provide feedback regarding what we can do to improve their remote experience.  And the class meetings are good time to discuss specific grade-level matters.