Spirit Week 

Student Congress designated a theme for every day during Spirit Week, September 23-27.

Day One ~ Beach Day: Students (and teachers) were outfitted in floral shirts, straw hats and even pirate eye patches.

Day Two ~ Internet Memes Day: Students dressed as their favorite meme, including Doge, VSCO girls, T-Bo from iCarly, etc.

Day Three ~ Class Theme Day: 7th graders wore tie-dye, 8th western, 9th PJs, 10th hippies, 11th USA and 12th winter holidays.

Day Four ~ Senior T-shirt Day: All students were given t-shirts designed by the senior class. The shirts are made possible by the Roz Schulte '02 Spirit Fund.

Day Five ~ Blue & Gold Day: Students wore their blue and gold. The day started off with assembly, which featured the annual video and mini pep rally ~ as well as a new segment, revealing some pretty dazzling talents: Glenn Randall '20 on the Rubik's cube; Christion Wynn '21, a human calculator; John Abbott '21 and Gaby Thornton '20 juggling; Lindsey Okafor '20 acrobatics/dancing; Penny Zheng '20 martial arts (and she flattened several volunteers); Sarah Kuhlmann '22, a contortionist; and Jackson Miller '20, a master of quantum physics. A picnic lunch was held in the Quad. The day ended with a picnic dinner, the pep rally and the bonfire.