Tradition continued on December 16 with two performances of the annual holiday program. The school orchestra and choruses were led by Robert Carter, Jerry Estes and Taylor Pietz, respectively. Andrew Herbster ’22 and Eva Kappas ’22 read from Isaiah 55:12 as well as from the works of Alfred Lord Tennyson, Danusha Lameris, John Burroughs, Jane Kenyon, Sara Teasdale, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Ryan Keeney ’14. The tableau, a dreamlike landscape, was designed by Sara Cao ’22 and Teresa Jiang ’22. The seniors selected classmates John Butka, Jacquelyn Harris and Grace Pottebaum and a faculty committee selected seventh graders Alice Craig and Margaret Gardner to be in the tableau. Milah Padda ’22 and Callie Kaplan ’22 sang the senior solo at different performances. The program cover art was designed by Isaac Tung ’24. The recording of the holiday program was entirely student produced under the direction of Light and Sound. A special thanks to seniors Anne Grace Hooper (live broadcast editor), Erin Lamping (stage manager) and Yara Levin (camera operator).

Between the performances, members of the Burroughs community gathered in The Commons for the annual Winterlude.