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Tradition continued on December 19 with two performances of the annual holiday program. The school orchestra and choruses were led by Robert Carter, Jerry Estes and Taylor Pietz, respectively. Seniors Lindsey Okafor and Sophie Sinton read from Isaiah 55:12 as well as from the works of Alfred Lord Tennyson, Jane Kenyon, John Burroughs, Danusha Lameris, Annie Finch, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Cory Finley '07. The tableau, depicting immigrants arriving at Ellis Island reminding us that the pursuit of the American dream is the foundation of the nation, was designed by Amy Phillips '20. The seniors selected classmates Tina Chen, Adam Krekeler and Nate Oglesby and a faculty committee selected seventh-graders Ayomide Ajakaiye and Quincy Loegering to be in the tableau. Lindsey Steinkamp sang the senior solo. The program cover art was designed by Zoe Scully '21.

PROGRAM PHOTO CREDIT: Allison Roberts (fine arts, school photographer)