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By most estimates, more than half of the student body attended the biennial Dance Marathon on Saturday, February 22. The evening started off with a dodgeball tournament. The Lettuce Club (a new club actually sanctioned by Student Congress) sponsored a “head of iceberg lettuce” eating contest where every grade was represented — seniors, of course, won. Other highlights from the evening included a lively musical chairs with a few tussles over the chairs themselves; a petting zoo; a lip-sink contest for the high schoolers; a basketball knock-out game; and a musical performance by Lucas Bernstein '21, Shayfer Huitt '22 and Phoebe Martyn '22. TKO DJs played music for the last two hours for lots of dancing. At 11:30 pm the total raised was announced: $28,443.19! Proceeds will benefit the Ritenour Co-Care Food Pantry and charity: water.

PHOTOS: Margaret Bahe (Science)