Safety Protocols

Throughout the fall, we will follow St. Louis County's very clear guidelines for health and safety with regard to youth sports.

As of October 7, St. Louis County has provided the following updates about competitive sports:

Low Frequency/Low Contact Sports (Cross Country, Golf, Swimming/Diving, Tennis) and Moderate Frequency/Moderate Contact Sports (Cheerleading, Field Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball)

  • Competitions are allowed with other teams or individuals within our region (defined as the Metro East, St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles County, Jefferson County and Franklin County).
  • Tournament-style competitions are not allowed.
  • No spectators are allowed for indoor events. For outdoor events, spectators are limited to two people per athlete. 

High Frequency/High Contact Sports (Football)

  • Competitions are allowed.
  • Games are not open to the public. Given the size of the teams, spectators are limited to two people per athlete, who are pre-approved through direct communication with the JBS Athletic Department.
  • For more detailed information on the St. Louis County Guidelines, please click here


  • All students and guest athletes are screened upon arrival to campus.
  • Athletes mask at all times until engaged in rigorous activity.
  • All clothing is washed on a daily basis.


In addition to the County guidelines, we manage locker room use as follows:

  • Teams are allowed staggered access to spaces.
  • Coaches are present at all times in locker rooms when a group is changing.
  • Locker room floors and changing zones are marked for social distancing.
  • Students remain masked at all times.
  • A maximum of 18 people are allowed in locker rooms at one time.