Alumni Board

Welcome! You are considered a member of the JBS Alumni Association if you have been a JBS student at any time and/or are a graduate of JBS.The purpose of the association is to bring alums together and keep them involved in the life of the school. We sponsor annual events, support students and young alumni in their college and career searches, promote alumni participation in the Annual Fund, and recognize alums who have distinguished themselves through service to the school and in their community, and through excellence in their respective fields. The association functions through an 18-member board. This year's Board members represent classes from the 1970s through the 2010s.  We hope to see you this year!

2022-2023 Alumni Board

President Terry Riley Patton '77
Vice President Stephanie Park Zwicker '94
Secretary Craig Dull '04
Lucy Reis '16 Joseph Banton '14
Karina Aquino '13 Maddi Hicks Bridenbeck '12
Madison Molho '10 Rosemary Forsyth Nazaruk '06
Joe Mathes '05 Danny Katzman '04
Matt Corcoran '01 August Felker '99
Jennifer Veraldi Brinkmeier '98 Ellen Nangle Borowiak '97
Sarah Greenwood '89 Lee Bascom '82
Kris Samuels Holmes '78

If you know someone, including yourself, who would be interested in being on the Alumni Board, please email Corey Stranghoener Reuwee '97 or call at 314-993-4045 ext. 283.

End-of-Year Alumni Board Happy Hour 2022