Beyond the Facts

Like all responsible schools, our first and primary commitment is to our students. We strive to provide them a rich array of opportunities in a supportive and stimulating environment. It is how we do this that makes the difference. Our secret ingredients are not very secret—in fact, they are transparent in most everything we do. They include our community, our core values, our educational priorities, and our master teachers.

In my now 30-year career in college admission, student affairs and higher education at Occidental College, Vassar College, Stanford University and the College Board, John Burroughs graduates stand out for their exceptional academic preparation, their intellectual vitality and their uncommon commitment to making a difference in the world. From the East Coast to the West Coast, John Burroughs is known for its commitment to excellence and diversity. It serves as a model for independent secondary education in this country.

James M. Montoya
Vice President for the College Board and former Dean of Admission at Stanford University

Admissions Team

Meridith Thorpe
Director of Admission & Tuition Aid
314-993-4045, ext. 270

Courtney Gable
Assistant Director of Admission
314-993-4045, ext. 348

Nancy Vogt
Administrative Assistant
314-993-4045, ext. 242