We will offer the SSAT in-person at Burroughs on December 11, 2021.

Please note that Burroughs requests that the SSAT be taken by January 8, 2022. Please email Nancy Vogt for assistance if you have any trouble meeting this date.

The cost of the SSAT is $155 and in the case of financial need, a fee waiver can be issued. Please email Caroline LaVigne to request financial assistance.


The Middle Level SSAT is a multiple-choice test for students currently in grades 5-7 that consists of verbal, qualitative (math), and reading comprehension sections.

Section Number of Questions Duration
Writing Sample 1 (unscored) 25 minutes
Break   5 minutes
Quantitative 25 30 minutes
Reading 40 40 minutes
Break   10 minutes
Verbal 60 30 minutes
Quantitative 25 30 minutes
Experimental 16 15 minutes
Totals 167 3 hours, 5 minutes

Of the 167 items including the writing sample, only 150 questions are scored. 


To have your scores sent to Burroughs, please fill in school code 4250 when registering.