College Counseling

By definition, Burroughs is a college preparatory institution. That is a primary reason students and families choose us. But what does college preparation mean? At Burroughs, it means a liberal arts education that balances academics with arts, athletics and activities.

It means the attainment of a rich body of knowledge and strong skills in each academic subject. It means the opportunity to explore possibilities and develop talents. It means working closely with other students and faculty in a respectful and supportive atmosphere that values and fosters individualism and diversity of thought and action. It means exposure to and, in many instances, immersion in a community service ethic. It means development of talent and character, independence and direction.

There is distinction between college preparation and college application. We make college preparation the centerpiece throughout the secondary school experience and encourage students (and their families) not to focus on the application process until the winter of their junior year when formal individualized college counseling begins. That said, as early as seventh grade, teachers, principals and faculty advisors help students develop skills and make decisions which will ultimately facilitate and support the college search and application process.

The college counseling philosophy at Burroughs is straightforward: we strive to counsel students in their search for colleges and universities that meet their academic, social, emotional, financial and geographic needs. Since our students are quite different from each other, we recommend schools that fit each student’s individual needs as they have developed and matured at Burroughs. This is consistent with our approach to their education at Burroughs—we do not attempt to twist students into a prescribed mold as they consider their next destination. Students are asked to discover who they are and what they think. Together we explore what is available for post-secondary education, and they discover the vast number of choices available to them. The journey belongs to the students. College counselors are here to work with them and their parents.