Student Access

Students may access Academic Support Department services in two ways:

  • They can be referred to Academic Support when information gleaned from principals, teachers, advisors, counselors or other Burroughs faculty indicates they are struggling.
  • Those with a diagnosed learning disability may submit an educational evaluation and receive support and accommodations if appropriate (see below). 

Each week, the Academic Support Department Chair meets with the grade-level principals and members of the Counseling & Wellness Department to discuss current Academic Support students, as well as students of concern from the general student population who may need additional support.

Each student is assigned an Academic Support teacher who assesses their needs and provides assistance and instruction. While providing additional structure and support, the Academic Support teacher encourages students to meet with their classroom teachers.

The needs of each student drive and determine the individualized learning plan developed for them. Students may have scheduled time in Academic Support, or may just receive support for accommodations. Most Academic Support students meet with a teacher one time per week, but if necessary, they may meet multiple times a week. That decision is based on their actual school performance and may change during the school year. The meeting time is reflected in their schedule, and attendance is mandatory. All Academic Support students may drop in or make appointments for additional help as needed.