Salary & Benefits

Burroughs offers salaries competitive with other top independent schools in the country. 

All employees who work half-time or more are eligible for the following benefits:

Group Life Insurance

  • Automatic coverage
  • Benefit of $50,000
  • No cost to employee

Group Medical Insurance

  • Optional coverage
  • School pays 75% of premium for all levels of coverage (Single, Emp/Spouse, Emp/Child & Family) EXCEPT when spouse is eligible for other group coverage (No contribution in this case)
  • Employee cost ranges from $176.96/mo (Single) to $481.12/mo (Family) for most employees with full coverage; if spouse is eligible for other coverage, employee cost is $870.22/mo (Family)
  • Coverage effective first of month following date of hire.

Group Dental Insurance

  • Optional coverage: for the High Option coverage, employee cost ranges from $29.94/mo (Single) to $108.58/mo (Family); for the Low Option coverage, employee cost ranges from $6.54/mo (Single) to $16.36/mo (Family)
  • School pays 50% of premium for all levels of High Option coverage and contributes the same dollar amount to Low Option coverage.

Group Long-Term Disability Coverage

  • Automatic coverage
  • Benefit of 60% of monthly base salary (not to exceed ($7500/mo) after six-month waiting period; benefit increases by 3% each year of eligibility
  • Pension supplement of 13% of initial monthly base salary paid directly to TIAA-CREF
  • Employee pays full cost of coverage (currently $20.00/mo) so that any benefit is non-taxable.

Long-Term Care Insurance

  • Automatic coverage
  • School pays 100% of premium
  • Minimum plan benefit of $2,000/mo for a long-term care facility or $1000/mo for professional home care for up to three years
  • Employee can automatically purchase additional coverage upon initial enrollment; if more is elected after this, employee must pass a medical underwriting review

TIAA-CREF Retirement Plan

  • Optional participation
  • Employee can contribute between 1% and 5%, which the school will match at a ratio of 1:1:6 (i.e., a 5% employee contribution will result in an employer-matching contribution of 8%)
  • All funds are deposited immediately into a fully vested annuity contract which allows an employee to keep all of these funds when he/she/they separates from service.

Tuition Remission

  • Full-time employees are eligible for 90% tuition remission
  • Part-time employees are eligible for pro-rata remission (i.e., 50% time receives 45% remission [50% of 90%])

Flexible Compensation Plan (Pre-Tax Spending Account)

  • Optional participation
  • Employee can elect up to $2,500 for health care and $5,000 for child care each year
  • Plan Year runs from September 1 through August 31

Other benefits include a variety of professional development opportunities, a personal computer purchase program, membership in the JBS Health Club, and daily school lunches.

As of July 1, 2021.