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Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity

As a central point of effort and coordination, the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity was established in 1997. It is directed by Daniel Harris and is supported by the Burroughs faculty and staff, all of whom engage in ongoing personal and professional development.

Faculty & Staff Diversity Steering Committee

Daniel Harris (Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity)   
Ellen Bremner (Communications & Comm Relations)    

Campus Environment
Case Baum (Business Office)    
Allegra Clement-Bayard (Modern Languages) 

Curriculum Development & Delivery     
Ellie DesPrez (English)    
Jim Lewis (English) 
Peter Tasker (Modern Languages, Athletics) 

Faculty/Staff Training & Programming
Christopher Front (History, Administration) 
Mark Smith (History)   

Student Diversity Initiatives 
Martha Fischer (History)     
Jennifer Kinney (Modern Languages)    
ISACS Board of Trustees/Equity Committee
John Merritt (History)  

Faculty Sponsors of Student DEI Groups

African American Affinity Group Jennifer Jones (Counseling & Wellness)
John Merritt (History, Athletics)
Nicole Randall (Math)
Asian Affinity Group Andy Chen (English)
Asian Culture Club Susie Lim (Science)
Christian Affinity Group

Leslie Kehr (Athletics)
Alan Trzecki (Athletics)

Diversity E.T.C. Martha Fischer (History)
French Culture Club Babeth Dyer (Modern Languages)
Gender Equity Organization (GEO) Jessica Hunt (Fine Arts)
Global Youth Leadership Institute (GYLI) Mike Gesiakowski (Fine Arts)
Hispanic Culture Club Maria Cohen (Modern Languages)
Jewish Culture Club Michael Haveman (Math)
LatinX Affinity Group Carlos Carvajal (Modern Languages)
LGBTQIA+ Martha Fischer (History)
 Middle School Diversity Club  Jennifer Kinney (Modern Languages)
RISE (race intersecting socio-economics) Andranique Harrison (Modern Languages)
Spectrum Jennifer Jones (Counseling & Wellness)
Megan Zmudczynski (English)
Stubborn Ounces Maggie Doyle Ervin (English)
World Religions & Beliefs Carrie Dodson-Ching (History)
Young Republicans Peter Tasker (Modern Languages, Athletics)

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