Faculty & Board Leadership

Preparing students for our globally oriented world requires community-wide vigilance to assure our diversity, equity, inclusivity, and engagement focus is broadly defined and culturally relevant. We are committed to ongoing education, dedication of resources, assessment, transparent accountability, and openness to new policies and practices.

Burroughs has long valued diversity. Under the leadership of our head of school and our director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity & Engagement, Burroughs has deliberately moved from awareness to commitment to action.

One-third of our faculty and staff sit on a diversity committee that reviews and makes recommendations on curriculum development and delivery, professional development, and the campus environment.

In addition to their regular teaching assignments, 24 faculty members have assumed responsibility for various student programs falling under the "diversity" umbrella. This involves working with specific student interest groups and helping those groups develop assembly presentations and symposiums which benefit the entire community. These faculty members also contribute to the local and national dialogue.  

Burroughs provides — and requires — ongoing in-house diversity and cultural competency training for our faculty-at-large. Since 1999, local, regional, and national experts have led workshops on campus for our faculty, and, when possible, for others in the St. Louis community.

Board of Trustees
The Board established a committee on diversity in 1998, again signaling from the highest level that diversity efforts would not be left to chance. The committee has been resolute in ensuring that our work around diversity, equity, inclusivity, and engagement is a far broader endeavor, the benefits and responsibilities of which extend to students, parents, alumni, faculty and staff.

The committee has relied on a broad range of input, from the efforts and experiences of peer schools and assessments by independent consultants to parent focus groups and faculty retreats to the NAIS's assessment of inclusivity and multiculturalism. The Board also inspired development and use of an annual student experience survey, the inclusivity index.