Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity

The many dimensions of diversity, equity and inclusivity are essential to excellence in education. They are woven into the fundamental fabric of the Burroughs experience as we prepare students to fully engage in their communities and their world.

We are committed to a diverse student body and faculty because we are keenly aware that the differences among us—including race, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, socio-economics, political thought, sexual orientation, family composition and individual talents and interests—are a large part of what makes us a strong and vibrant community. Faculty, staff, administration, Board of Trustees, students, parents/guardians and alumni actively contribute to this commitment.

John Burroughs School's strategic plan for diversity and inclusivity through multicultural and global education enhances its position as a national leader among independent schools. This plan shows the kind of vision and commitment from the board, head of school, diversity practitioner, and entire school community that other independent schools must emulate.

Dr. Gene Batiste

A think tank of public and private educational leaders sharing strategic solutions.

July 18-23, 2021